Balance Truing and Poising Tools
Part #

Levin poising tool with perfect jeweled jaws and level.

Additional shipping charge applies.


Levin poising tool with perfect jeweled jaws and level. Some oxidation on the tool, however.

Additional shipping charge applies.

wt8591 Small brass poising tool with steel jaws. $20.00
wt8516 Heavy brass poising tool. $15.00
wt8383 Aunes balance screw undercutter $20.00
wt8661 Balance screw undercutter (small) $10.00
wt8257 K&D adjustable balance screw holder. $25.00
wt7981 Balance screw holder (small). $8.00
wt8124 Balance screw holder (small). $8.00
wt8201 Balance wheel wrench. $5.00
wt8543 Balance wheel wrench. $5.00
wt7639 Balance wheel wrench. $5.00
wt7554 Balance wheel wrench. $5.00
wt6227 Balance wheel wrench. $5.00
wt6229 Balance wheel wrench. $5.00
wt6576 Balance wheel wrench. $5.00
wt7835 Balance wheel wrench. $5.00
wt6273 Antique K&D truing caliper. Handle has been reglued, so it may now just be a cool display piece. $30.00
wt5954 Antique truing caliper. $45.00
wt8739 Fitrite truing caliper. $20.00
wt8738 Antique truing caliper with wrench. $10.00
wt8740 Levin truing caliper. $15.00
wt8517 Truing caliper $15.00
wt7913 Truing caliper $15.00
wt8132 Truing caliper $15.00
wt8518 Small (wristwatch) truing caliper $15.00
wt7762 K&D #406 mini truing caliper. Missing guide. $10.00
wt8459 Truing caliper $10.00
wt6967 Truing caliper $10.00
wt6652 Truing caliper $10.00
wt6666 Truing caliper. One side has no inserts, possibly for hairsprings. The other side has jeweled inserts. $10.00
wt2511 Caliper $5.00
Tool234 E.F.B. style caliper. Missing guide. $3.00