Material Assortments - Screws
Part #
Screws Need a particular screw for an American pocket watch? Many are stocked. Please e-mail me for availability.

$3.00 to $5.00

Mat582 Watch repairer's stash of screws. Appear to be both Swiss and American. $25.00
Mat561 Lot of (mostly) Waltham 18-size, model '83, case screws. Almost all are 3/4 head. $40.00
Mat558 Elgin timing screws for 18 and 0 size movements. $25.00
Mat559 Elgin dial screw assortment. $10.00
Mat474 Swiss bracelet balance screws. $10.00
Mat280 Assortment of dial screws. These are Swiss 'post' style dial screws. Nice assortment. $20.00
Mat147 Ratchet wheel screws for Waltham 16S model '88. 8 screws. $20.00
Mat326 Assortment of gold balance screws. $40.00