Movement Holders
Part #
wt8733 12-size plastic movement holder. (2 available) $5.00
wt8744 Set of brass movement holders. Largest one has a 41.7mm outside diameter. $25.00
wt8596 Movement holder. (2 available) $10.00
wt8619 Plastic ring style movement holders. $5.00
wt8513 Movement holder. $15.00
wt8483 Movement holder. $15.00
wt8519 Baguette movement holder. $15.00
wt8515 Movement holder. $10.00

Bulova movement holder. Instructions included. Could be missing a piece or two from the original set.

Additional shipping charge applies.


Incomplete Bulova movement holder.

Additional shipping charge applies.

wt8434 Movement holder. (2 available) $20.00
wt8612 Movement holder. $12.00
wt4270 Movement holder. (9 available) $12.00
wt8075 Set of Mido movement holders. (2 available) $25.00
wt8084 Bergeon movement holder. $15.00
wt8391 Small adjustable movement holder with center support. $15.00
wt8641 Small adjustable movement holder. $8.00
wt8387 Small adjustable movement holder missing the center support. $8.00
wt7083 Small pair of movement holders with center support. $10.00
wt7082 Movement holder. $10.00
wt7080 Movement holder. $10.00
wt7081 Assortment of small movement holders. $10.00
wt6913 Movement holder. $10.00
wt6864 Elgin movement holder. $8.00
wt5462 Case opener and movement holder. $10.00
wt5081 Bergeon 3 3/4 ligne movement holder. $35.00
wt5091 Longines 977.0 movement holder. $40.00
wt4131 Levin movement holder. (3 available) $12.00
wt3179 Bergeon Cal. 7 3/4 movement holder with adjustable center post. $25.00
wt3747 Movement holder. $8.00
wt3110 Movement holder. (2 available) $8.00
wt4760 Baguette movement holder. $8.00
wt3294 282.001 movement holder. $5.00